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The Purpose Collective

Apr 11, 2023

Your commitment to find God again and learn Him on an intimate level after being away can feel daunting. It isn't. The enemy is invested in making you feel like it is though.

In this episode, we’re getting into an intimate conversation with our guest, Kya, about her journey finding her way back to God after deciding to live in sin. 

Kya has a heart to please God and she loves Jesus. I had a great time with her and I cannot wait for you to hear about her journey to find God again even though He had never left her. 

Kya is a 24 year old mother of boy/girl twins and a soon to be wife. She is the owner/CEO of @deeplyrootedj, a clothing brand that helps women grow their Godfidence. As a Christian creative she has a passion for pushing women to step boldly into their ministry, conquer fear and limiting beliefs, and create life changing Godly content while doing so.

In this episode, we covered:

  • Kya's first introduction to Jesus and when He became real to her
  • Her journey of envisioning and starting Deeply Rooted
  • Her personal struggles as she was growing Deeply Rooted
  • The role her environment have on her turning towards sin
  • Kya's journey to find God again
  • What it was like recommitting to God
  • How she ensures that she continues to grow in Christ
  • Where her purpose falls in all of this

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