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The Purpose Collective

Mar 26, 2024

Being a glory carrier is not just a catchy phrase. Glory carriers literally carry the glory and power of God inside of them.

One day I am going to do a deeper dive into this but for now, Sherry and I touch on it as she breaks down her ministry, The Glory Carriers Network.

Sherry Jones is a certified Christian Life...

Mar 19, 2024

Keisha Bass is the Founder and CEO of Her Dope Marriage. As a Wife Coach, mother, entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker, she dedicates herself to empowering female professionals and entrepreneurs of faith, guiding them through the diverse seasons of marriage with confidence by employing practical strategies to...

Mar 12, 2024

Church conflict can be a bit taboo but it definitely happens.

Maya is a Missionary at Assembly of God World Missions. Their goal is to establish the Church among all peoples everywhere by reaching, planting, training, and serving.

Maya joins the Assembly as they partner with nearly 370,000 churches worldwide and almost...

Mar 5, 2024


Masculinity has come under scrutiny recently with the rise of toxic masculinity labels for some things that are toxic and some that are not. There is a biblical truth for masculinity though. A truth that allows Believers and followers of Christ to understand and embrace God’s perspective of masculinity.