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The Purpose Collective

Jun 18, 2024

This bible study of sorts breaks down the spiritual concept of altars. Altars run the world yet they are rarely spoken about in church settings. People in the kingdom of darkness brag about raising their altars.

I’m going to walk you through what an altar is, what makes an altar powerful, and how altars control the...

Jun 11, 2024

Join me and Erica Berry as we dive into the topic of how ignorance hinders spiritual growth in Christianity. Let's break down the barriers to true understanding and growth in faith. This conversation with Erica Berry about her new book Stupid Christians is the push we all need.

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Jun 4, 2024

Get ready for a powerful prophetic word about the Courts of Heaven in 2024. This message will bring insight and revelation to your spiritual journey. 



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Jun 4, 2024

This series on the Courts of Heaven has finally come to an end with this unbelievable encounter.

In this episode, Prophet Princess and I break down:

  • our experience entering the Courts of Heaven
  • what happened during the proceeding
  • the supernatural encounters we had
  • what happened when Princess went to the Courts of...

May 28, 2024

This episode focuses on teaching you the legal processed of how to petition the Courts of Heaven for what you want in 2024.

In this episode, I break down how to go before the courts in prayer and I’ll sprinkle in a little bit of my experience facilitating a Courts of Heaven session for a group.

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