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The Purpose Collective

Jan 31, 2023

Being anointed is often be seen as synonymous with a platform or a feeling you have after experiencing someone gifted, but it's much more than that. I got to have an amazing conversation with EJ Gaines about being anointed for business, and let's be clear...EJ IS an anointed businessman.

Erik Justin (“EJ”) Gaines is...

Jan 24, 2023

Marriage and dating are two topics that are not covered in depth enough from a holiness perspective. I invited Pastor Ray Murray on the show to provide insight on how we can improve our approach to dating and marriage and approach them from a more strategic angle.

Ray Murray (P. Ray) is a man on a mission.  He has...

Jan 17, 2023

We often talk about going from A to Z but rarely do we laser in and focus on what it takes to get from A to the very next step, which is B. In this episode, Jalon Webster breaks down how he took small steps that eventually led to him taking a massive leap.

Founder of the GoldenHour Brand and Create Gold Foundation, and...

Jan 10, 2023

The people around you matter. When you set out to do the powerful work of God designed you for through your purpose, there will be obstacles. There is nothing like having a community of faith-filled Believers who rally to support you. This is why I invited the founder of Black Christian Influencers (BCI) on the show.


Jan 3, 2023

Your purpose requires greatness. You are called to be great through your purpose. God wants you to dominate through your purpose. He wants you to get results that other people are not and cannot get. He wants you to be superior in skill, superior in knowledge, and superior in impact.

I woke up one day with an urgency to...