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The Purpose Collective

Dec 27, 2022

"Sex. I don’t think we’re talking about it enough." This is how Mo Isom begins her life-changing book Sex, Jesus, and the Conversations the Church Forgot. This line hooked me, which led me to take this book with me on vacation.

Mo is a popular blogger, a national speaker, and the New York Times bestselling author of Wreck My Life. A former All-American goalkeeper for the Louisiana State University soccer team, she has been featured in Sports Illustrated and has appeared on ESPN SportsCenter Top-10 Plays, Ellen, ESPN, CBS, The 700 Club, and countless other platforms. Mo is married to her husband Jeremiah and together they have 4 beautiful children.

In this episode we covered…
  • The purpose of sex
  • The advice she has for someone who wants to intentionally reframe their view of sex to God's way
  • Encouragement for single men and women who are abstaining from sex until marriage but are finding it hard to find someone willing to wait
  • What Mo believes couples should discuss that will help them be prepared for the inevitable sexual temptation that will present itself

...and much more!

Check out the show notes for this episode for links to all of the resources I mentioned and a synopsis of the episode >>