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The Purpose Collective

Jul 26, 2022

The work of your purpose will continuously require you to build and create things. It can be tempting to do things your way as you go or even to listen to others about how to do something, instead of building how God told you to build. Cause let’s be honest. Sometimes what God says looks like the complete opposite of what the world or culture pushes as the correct way to do something. So I brought Keshia on to help us stay committed to building God’s way.

Keshia is an avid believer that God uses creativity as an avenue of healing for all of us. From the the young age of 4, she has been actively involved in various creative arenas such as dance, art, drama, and poetry. Her latest creative endeavor includes being the founder of Box Breaker LLC, a faith-based company that provides strategic direction and website design for visionaries ready to Brand God's Way. Keshia has 11 years of experience in marketing & project management for corporate and non-profit sectors, and 10 years of

ministry experience to now serve others as best as possible. She also shares colorful, bite-sized biblical content through her creatively key social community. She has a passion for seeing others walk boldly in their calling and breaking the boxes of fear and shames while doing it. She is a wife and a new mom to a baby girl and enjoys a good caramel coffee daily.

Keshia attributes all that she is today to the healing power of Jesus Christ. She echoes to you that you cannot achieve great things without being tested greatly

During our conversation in this episode we covered:
  • How God revealed her purpose to her
  • The difference between being capable of doing something and be called
  • How to not deviate from what God said
  • And much more

Tune in!

Check out the show notes for this episode for links to all of the resources I mentioned and a synopsis of the episode >>